Janma Day 2022

It is with great pleasure that we were able to organize the Janma 2022 Day last April.
After 2 years of absence, this trip to Nepal was highly emotional and took place in a joyful atmosphere.

The project has now reached a total of 275 children of which 175 were there to receive their sponsorship.

The day started at 7am with a ceremony led by the monks, followed by an official section where Passang Lamu, director of the hospital welcomed the guests. By 10:00 a.m. families and friends began to arrive and a large crowd converged on the hospital. Rob Lewis, founder of Janma and his friend Sophia Fromm, with the help of the hospital staff, recorded and photographed the crowd throughout the day's festivities.
The representatives of Janma as well as Nicole Niquille, also present with a group of trekkers, were warmly thanked and the families expressed their deep gratitude. It was an intense and emotional day.

The pictures of the children have been uploaded on the accounts of the sponsors and are now visible.

Seeing these children grow up and seeing their smiles is always a wonderful gift.
The Janma project lives on thanks to the generosity, the commitment and the trust of all the sponsors and we say a huge thank you to them. 

Janma Day 2022
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Our Goal

With «Janma» we pursue the goal to reduce the maternal and infant mortality in the Himalayas. Parents are motivated through the promise for sponsorship contributions towards the school fees of the child, to travel to the PLNN hospital in Lukla to safely give birth.



The association Janma is a private and personal initiative, which relies primarily on the non-remunerated engagement of a few individuals. Donations to the association are used to cover administrative expenses and to further the development of the project.

Jetzt Pate/Patin werden

Become a godparent now

Contribute now to the future of a child in the Himalayas. We guarantee that 100% of the sponsorship contributions reach the family directly.

Medizinische Versorgung im Himalaya

The Plnn hospital

The hospital in Lukla was founded over 10 years ago by Nicole Niquille, a Swiss national, and is being run by Nepalese personnel. The hospital guarantees a large part of the medical care in the Solukhumbu District. Through its system of godparenthood Janma covers the school fees for all children born at the PLNN hospital for 10 years.