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With the Janma Project we want to encourage parents in the Lukla region to have their babies born in the hospital. Our idea is simple but tempting: through a system of godparents, the school fees for the children will be covered. For the families, some of them living in very poor conditions, this means a crucial financial relieve because in Nepal education is compulsary.

With only 220 Swiss Franks per year you guarantee the school education of a child. The sponsorship begins with the child's birth. As a godparent you receive the child’s birth certificate and a picture of the newborn baby with its parents. During the first four years your payments are credited in the name of your child to an account of the Nicole Niquille Fund. When the child enrolls at the primary school of Lukla, the family receives the fees in cash through the administration of the PLNN Hospital and the representatives of the association.

The duration of the sponsorship is throughout the basic schooling up to the 10th school year.

You decide if you want to transfer the total amount of CHF 2'200.- or if you prefer to pay CHF 220.- for 10 years.

Should a child drop out of school we will inform you as godparent. The money that has been transferred in the name of this child will be reimbursed or with your permission used for children that have no godparent. You can resign at godparent without giving a reason at any time. Paid amounts cannot be reimbursed and will be used for the financing of the project or other sponsorship accounts.

Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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